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Definition of Súcubo

The succubus is a term that is deeply rooted in medieval cultures, otaku (anime), among others, where it refers to a demon that takes the form of a woman of supreme beauty, its purpose is to seduce men, especially those who are teenagers and monks, by entering into their dreams and fantasies.

They are usually women who, with great sensuality, overflow with incandescent beauty. This myth arose due to the involuntary ejaculations of semen that usually occur during sleep, as well as sleep paralysis.


As it is already well known the synonyms of a word many times are related to the context, but when referring to the term succubus, we do not have it easy because its synonyms ultimately are extremely rooted to the context, these are some of the synonyms related to that word:

● Incubus (nightmare)

● Demon

The two words that are related as synonyms are the most accepted since there are words such as: vampire, lamia, witch, banshee, pixy, monster, among others that can be determined as a synonym of the word succubus, but only if the context is related.


The origin of the word succubus as mentioned above lies in the nocturnal ejaculations that occur especially in adolescents.

The word succubus etymologically comes from the word succuba, which in turn is a Latin word meaning concubine.

It is noteworthy that the word succuba suffered certain alterations and from these alterations is that the word succubus was derived.


It turns out that in the XVI century a sculpture of a succubus was used to identify the inns that also functioned as brothels, exhibited at the entrance or façade of the inn.