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Definition of Excel

The word Excel itself is a term derived from English, so it is Anglo-Saxon, and means excel, excel, excel, demand, squeeze, export, among other meanings that can be obtained from its translation.

In everyday life, when anyone mentions this word, we immediately get the idea that it refers to one of the programs belonging to the famous Office package. So, starting from this principle, Excel is a computer program belonging to the Microsoft company.

It is based on electronic spreadsheets, it is very famous for being used by accountants.


This word when referring to a program will be very difficult to find synonyms, because all those found would be translations from English to Spanish, but we all know that Excel is a program that belongs to the Microsoft company.

Some of the valid synonyms that we can mention, is this:

● Electronic spreadsheet

● Microsoft EXCEL spreadsheet

At this point, to get a synonym that comes from a single word, I think it would be totally impossible.


This word comes from the Latin excellere, which when looking for the translation simply alludes to a person who stands out above all others, represents a certain degree of superiority when compared to others.

But to have a clear origin it is necessary to focus on the year 1982 when the multinational Microsoft first released the product multiplan which was one of the first electronic spreadsheets that revolutionized the market. In 1985 they decided to leave this product aside and that is when they started to make the first known version of Excel, which was launched in 1987.


When studying the word Excel we can notice that it has similarities with the term excellence, that is why Excel is a superior product to any other product with which it can be compared.