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Sneaky Link

Definition of Sneaky Link

Nowadays it is very easy to have a sneaky link, which means a furtive connection through social networks or messaging.

It is linked to all those types of links in which a person in a hidden, clandestine or secret way maintains but does not wish to be seen in the public light because it is possibly against morals, good manners or laws.


  1. Sneaky link
  2. Secret connection
  3. Hidden relationship
  4. Relationship between lovers

ORIGIN OF Sneaky Link

‘Sneaky link’ is an expression used to refer to a person with whom you privately maintain a connection that can be romantic or even sexual.

Although the slang is new to the social network TikTok, it has been used for years on other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, but much more importantly, it has always existed in real life, outside of the digital world.

Sneaky links have always existed, who doesn’t remember former U.S. President Bill Clinton and his famous furtive relationship with his assistant Monica Lewinsky.

Or the love story between today’s King Charles and Camilla Parker Bowls, she was his sneaky link for decades… of course they had a happy ending.

In TikTok today the term is very fashionable and is used by hundreds of content creators in the most original ways.


In 2021 the rapper Hxllywood released his song “sneaky link” and the same is widely used for TikTok, basically focuses on saying over and over again: “Girl, I can be your sneaky link (sneaky link), Be my sneaky link (sneaky link)