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Definition of Salami

It is a word that comes from Italian and appears as the plural of salami. Its literal meaning is “salty sausage” and it is a processed meat that mixes cattle and pigs.

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It is said of someone who is very lucky , that is, it works as a synonym for happiness and good fortune in the face of misfortune. For example: What a salami was Pedro who won the lottery.


The word salami comes from the Italian salame which was the place where sausage was invented. Literally, it means “salty sausage” and it is a highly appreciated processed meat that combines beef and pork.

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There is no clear record of why this word began to be used in the sense of “good fortune”. It is likely that the term has arisen thanks to the famous name of a Dominican salami that is “Super Especial”. From the latter, the term was adapted to give it the semantic characteristic of “lucky”.


In English, the traditional sausage known all over the world is known as salami. Also, some types of sausages are named in the same way , which is why the term is polysemic.