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Definition of Mamerto

Welcome to La Biblioteca de Wan Shi Tong. As a first instance we will show you what is the meaning of Mamerto and then his etymological origins. Shall we start?

In the most traditional context of the word, a Mamerto is a person of low intelligence and wide ignorance, that is, he is used as a synonym for dumb, ignorant or unintelligent.

On the other hand, in more recent times the term Mamerto has been used to designate a person of left-wing political ideology.

A person of Marxist, Socialist or communist ideology is classified as Mamerto in any case or simply someone who shows liberal and anti-conservative ideas.

Practical examples of the use of mamerto in its different contexts:

  • “He is an ordinary mamerto from town” – He is an ignorant person from town.
  • ” That political party is full of mamertos ” – That political party is full of people on the left.

Origin of Mamerto

The origins of this word come from the Latin language, emerging then from ancient Rome, in this language this word served as a name.

So mamerto literally means consecrated to Mamers . Mamers was the Osc language name of the god Mars.

Mars was known as the god of war, so his name Mamers was also used as a synonym for warrior.


  1. In February 2020, Colombian actress Margarita Rosa de Francisco issued a controversial comment suggesting that Jesus Christ was the most mamerto of all.
  2. Some historical figures have had this name, such as the bishops Mamerto de Vienne and Mamerto Esquiú . Or the President of Bolivia Mamerto Urriolagoitia .