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Definition of Sabinero

Hut made with branches of the tree or the plant called juniper. Normally, they are handmade structures created as a sheepfold for animals.

That it has the aroma of juniper, that is, it exhales an aroma similar to that of this tree also known as cypress.

Sabinar or sabinero is known to a land that is flooded with junipers. In other words, it is populated with juniper plants.


Fan, follower or lover of the music of the Spanish artist “Joaquín Sabina”. Normally, these fans call themselves “sabineros” and also identify their social networks that way.


Sabinero comes from the word “sabina” that comes from the homophone Latin sabina. This word designates different plants, some of them arboreal and others creeping. From this term the common surname is born in many Spanish-speaking areas.


Due to the great popularity of the Spanish artist Joaquín Sabina , his followers began to call themselves “sabineros”. That is to say, this term comes from the identification with his music and the desire to be known as a follower of the lyrics and melodies of this artist.


Joaquín Sabina y sus sabineros is a Facebook group that has more than 20 thousand followers and that is dedicated to sharing fragments of the lyrics of the songs of this artist.

“Los Sabineros” is an Argentine-Spanish musical group that pays tribute to Joaquín Sabina and also performs many versions of other artists.