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Definition of Insaciable

The word insatiable is a qualifying adjective, it means that a person is not able to be satisfied with something or someone, it is that person who does not calm the desire or who feels much need for something that he cannot possess yet.


  1. ● Unsatisfied
  2. ● Anxious
  3. ● Greedy
  4. ● Voracious
  5. ● Uncontrollable
  6. ● Unquenchable

ORIGIN OF Insaciable

The word insatiable is a compound word, its origin is found in the word written in Latin as insatiabilis which refers to the act of not being satiated, filled or satisfied with something or someone. The word is formed with the prefix in which in the Latin language means no, lack when placed before a word.

Now, the verb Satio, which is the original verb that follows in, means to fill, to appease, to fill, to satiate. Thanks to the prefix, these verbs acquire the opposite meaning to the one they already have.

Similarly, the term able refers to what is capable of, what deserves. This would be the meaning of insatiable (not able to be satiated).


Insatiable in English, is the name of a very famous series of the streaming platform Netflix.

It is a series of somewhat black humor and a little acid. The protagonist is the actress Debby Ryan, who plays a young woman with severe eating problems, the series narrates how obese she could and the penumbras they went through.

In addition to this, another curious fact is that the term insatiable is used mostly in popular jargon making it see it in a sexual sense. Insatiable is a person who does not control the perverse desires he has for another. That is to say, the insatiable man would be the one who does not stop having sex.