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Definition of Roncar

In the general slang of the urban genre, roncar (to snore) means to show off to someone or to provoke them, or to show off that you can outdo that person.

Snoring is the sound made when breathing is blocked while sleeping.


  1. To show off,
  2. howl, bellow, snort, moo.


A generalized description of snoring refers to the loud or hoarse sound that is produced when air passes through the tissues of the nose and throat because they are relaxed, and causes them to vibrate while breathing while sleeping.

But the word “roncar”, in addition to referring to this acoustic phenomenon that is so indiscreet, has also permeated the lexicon and vocabulary of the linguistic phenomenon of the reggaeton and trap genre, because in that vocabulary, snore means something like show off, boast or brag.

Delving deeper into the broad jargon of reggaetoneros, when it is said of someone who snores, it refers to a person who brags about absolutely everything he does, what he owns and what he achieves.

And it is certainly one of the most striking things about this genre, is the large number of words used in the lyrics of their songs as rebuleo or sandungueo.

In general, the vast majority of people who do not know the language only attribute sexual connotations to certain terms, but they also have social and cultural motives that go within the Caribbean slang, more specifically the Puerto Rican, which is where the genre comes from.


Almost everyone snores from time to time, but for some people it can be a chronic problem.

The definition of “roncar” in Dominican Republic also refers to “to miss an opportunity”.