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Definition of Ratio

In the jargon of the social network TikTok, the word ratio was invented to measure some user comments on the videos uploaded to this platform.


  1. Measure
  2. Get likes


There is no doubt that the arrival of social networks has captivated millions of people and the whole world has several accounts in different social networking sites and people go to them for different reasons.

In this way, social networks have managed to become almost irreplaceable for almost everyone in the world, so it is not too extraordinary that, along with social networks, a variety of new terms and words and different things associated especially with social networking activities have arisen.

This is the case of the word “Ratio” in TikTok. We know that in such networks it is possible to have communication with other users, know the details of the latest news, meet people with different interests, create events or simply enjoy fun content.

TikTok is a quality service that has been based on the creation of short videos, often with music included, and most of these videos are content to entertain.

However, when such video clips are recorded on a topic that is relevant in those cases, it is possible to collect thousands of comments, which are usually designated with the word “Ratio”.

The connotations are usually negative, the “Ratio” in TikTok is also used many times in a positive way, for example, users can write the comment “ratio me 1:1” as a challenge or a mockery, meaning that the user wants to get as many likes in his comment as the publication he commented on has.


There are also different levels for this action, i.e. if a user lehis ft the comment “Ratio me 1:1:1”, and the post has 100 likes, he asks for 100 likes on his comment and 100 likes on the comments below his comment.