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Definition of Banger

Banger is a typical term for any good piece of music that has made it into history.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, banger is a sausage eaten with mashed potatoes.

But banger also refers to the sounds made by a car that is very old or in bad condition. Similarly the word also serves to designate firecrackers.


  1. Music piece
  2. Sausage
  3. Firecrackers


To get the origin of the word “banger”, is not so difficult since it is obviously an anglicism, and nevertheless the term obtains a different meaning in North America, where it is related to firecrackers and the sound that fireworks make when exploding.

But in fact, in reality, the meaning most commonly attributed to it comes from the world of music, because a “banger” is an excellent song or piece of music that gets people dancing and from there comes the famous expression, usually metal, of “headbanging”, which is shaking your head to the rhythm of the percussions.

However it is possible that if we search for “banger” on the Internet we also get a result of the image that is usually associated with the sounds produced by a rickety car.

Because the “bang” produced by the sound, possesses a notion of agitation and movement. The percussion and its bang is what makes people move and for that reason it is used for music.


Gamers also use the term and call “banger” to a certain and magnificent play of the game Leage of Legends, which makes them get up from the chair full of excitement screaming and making them remember that game forever.