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Definition of Rankiao


Rankiao means in reggaeton slang to be a respected person in the genre.


  1. Respected, the best positioned. Appreciated
  2. Ranking or list.


This term derives from the Anglo-Saxon word “ranking” which means “classification”. It refers to the relationship between a set of elements, such that for either, the first is “ranked higher than”, “ranked lower than” or “ranked equal to” the second.

In the Spanish language, the terms list, league table or ladder are used to refer to such a relationship, and the adaptation “ranquin” has been proposed.

Rankings are often used in the sports world to make classifications, for example with athletes of a certain discipline.

Similarly, rankings commonly exist in the entertainment industry, particularly in the music world, where lists are made. For example, of the most played songs or of the most successful albums that are among the best-sellers. And that is where the word “rankiao” and its inclusion in the verbal jargon of reggaeton artists may come from.

As the rankings present a descending order that is to say, from highest to lowest, being in first place the best positioned. Reggetoneros have taken the term almost literally -deforming it as “rankiao”- to designate that they are highly respected and that their song is number one.


As a technical definition, it refers to a group of elements that are positioned in relation to each other, thus forming a list.

There is also the so-called personal ranking and the goal of a ranking among employees to give them the motivation to give their best to be positioned among the top positions, it may be in exchange for a reward or simply for pride and self-satisfaction.