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Definition of Conocimiento

Conocimiento, is Spanish for knowledge, understanding, knowing or having assimilated certain information. At the same time it is the capacity that the human being obtains by being able to observe and analyze a determined fact or circumstance, thus knowledge is the accumulation of all the data that lead to its correct application.

Knowledge can be obtained by using reason or by carrying out scientific research through the use of testimonies, as well as memory.

Knowledge is usually related to the belief that the soul exists and it is because of this that one can intuit what reality is, as well as the truth.

SYNONYMS FOR Conocimiento

The word knowledge has an endless number of terms that usually mean the same thing, but not always because it depends on the context and the field where it is used.

Some of the synonyms for knowledge are:

● Cognition







● Knowledge




Studies ● Studies

● To find out

It is often the case that knowing does not mean having expertise or being an expert on a subject or having certain skills that qualify you as a professional, because there are different types of knowledge such as vulgar.

It can also have other connotations depending on the context such as:

● Notion

ORIGIN OF Conocimiento

It comes from the Latin cognoscer, cognosco, the verb is related to gno present in the Greek gnosis from which the words gnostic, agnostic in turn derives from the verb to know


One of its less common uses or that no longer have roots in the world society is when the word knowledge is used to denote that you have had sexual relations, this meaning is usually used mostly in the sacred scriptures “The Bible”.

For the above mentioned, when you read the bible again and you realize that they talk about Peter knowing Mary, you know that it is not about having been introduced, but perhaps alludes to intimacy.