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Definition of Punto

In the Dominican Republic and other parts of Latin America, “punto” is the name given to the place where drugs and narcotics are sold and is usually located on a corner or alley in the neighborhood.

It is also understood as the fashionable place where they meet, the place where the party will be, the direction from where they will leave.


  1. Place where drugs are sold.
  2. Fashionable place where everyone gathers.


The slang of the environments where there is a lot of crime and drugs undoubtedly has its special and familiar language used by that particular social group among themselves, or simply, the cause of social stratification.

It is a colloquial slang which represents a set of words used by people of the same rank. The interest of young people in the use of slang is to invent a different code that forms an exclusive part of this type of social life, that is to say, to elaborate a language in a playful and amusing way.

Thus, the word “Punto” refers to the place where drugs and narcotics are usually sold illegally, for example: “I’m going to the Punto to buy marijuana”, and this is how it is known in several parts of Latin America.

It also refers to a fashionable place to party, the place where everyone wants to be and should be. It is normal to hear “¿Cuál es el punto?” or even in English “See you at the point”.


Probably the term “punto” has replaced “sitio” as a funny way, because it is important to say that the language of young people is proper of their age and not of their culture. They abandon the language that characterized them as they mature.