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Definition of Puente

The word Puente, which translates to “bridge” in English Language has two meanings. The first one refers to a curved structure that connects one street or place with another. The bridge allows people to cross walking from one place to another, there are also bridges that allow the transit of automobiles.

The second term, refers to those holidays that, in calendar, are joined with the regulatory weekend, that is to say, a bridge would be a Monday holiday or a Friday, therefore, people also say or call a “long weekend”.


  1. Footbridge
  2. Viaduct
  3. Platform
  4. Vacation
  5. Rest
  6. Holiday
  7. Holiday
  8. Connection


The word puente has its origin in the Latin pons or pontis, which refers to the solid structure that is built to be able to pass from one side to another.

Another origin is not so verifiable, but it is believed that the word puente also comes from the word pantam which means road.

Now, in popular jargon, the term puente is used to describe holidays. This is because when there is a Monday or Friday holiday, you can move to a more extended time of rest, hence comes the expression puente or it may also be because people on such dates often travel and in doing so, they can pass with their car by bridges.


Did you know that in Colombia there is a bridge called “Simon Bolivar International Bridge” that joins this country with Venezuela.

The structure is shared by both countries and starts from the Táchira River, it is 315 meters long and was named after the South American hero Simon Bolivar, who liberated these lands with many troops in his favor.