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Definition of Lucas

The word lucas, refers to the Colombian one thousand peso bill, so its colloquial use means bills or a lot of money.

However, Lucas -written with the initial capital letter- is a proper noun of masculine gender that means “the one who gives light” or “the one who brings or grants light”.

Lucas is also a proper name that has become popular in recent years, many children today bear this beautiful name, as its meaning is beautiful.


  1. Silver
  2. Banknote
  3. One thousand Colombian pesos
  4. A lot of money
  5. Rich
  6. Prosperous
  7. Name
  8. The one who gives light
  9. Lucas
  10. Luquitas


The origin of the word lucas refers to the old Spanish tradition of calling local coins “peluconas”, logically, when other countries were conquered, they acquired the word and over the years they shortened it being “lucas” the popular name to denominate the currency and official banknote of each country such as Uruguay, Colombia and Argentina.

In turn, the origin of the name Lucas comes from the Bible. Luke is one of the four biblical gospels found in the New Testament and tells us about one of the followers of Jesus, who, in this book, narrated much of the life of his master Jesus Christ.


Luke is the name of many famous characters in television and movies. We remember the famed Daffy Duck, a comical black duck who undertakes his adventures with a rabbit in the midst of children’s environments and many other attractions for children.

In addition to this iconic character, Lucas is also the name given to the uncle of Wednesday, a series that today is very famous for being a remake of the “Crazy Adams”, this time directed by Tim Burton.