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Definition of Prepucio

Prepucio means foreskin in English LanguageThe foreskin is a coil or skin that covers the glans penis of the male reproductive organ. It is retractile, meaning that it can be pulled up and down manually.


  1. Skin
  2. Cocoon
  3. Preputial

ORIGIN OF Prepucio

In male human anatomy, the foreskin is the double-layered fold of skin, mucosa and muscle tissue located at the distal end that covers the glans penis. The foreskin is attached to the glans penis by an elastic band of tissue, known as the frenulum. The outer skin of the foreskin is attached to the inner preputial mucosa in the area of the skin junction. The foreskin is mobile, quite elastic and keeps the glans in a moist environment.

In humans, the length of the foreskin varies widely and the coverage of the glans in the flaccid and erect state can also vary. The foreskin fuses with the glans at birth and usually cannot be retracted during infancy and early childhood. Inability to retract the foreskin in infancy should not be considered a problem unless other symptoms are present.

Retraction of the foreskin is not recommended until it is released from the glans before or during puberty. In adults, it is usually retractable above the glans, taking into account normal development.


  • The foreskin was considered a sign of beauty, civility and masculinity throughout the Greco-Roman world.
  • In ancient Greece, foreskins were valued, especially those of greater length.
  • The earliest known illustrative depiction of the foreskin dates back to the time of the Egyptian kingdoms.
  • The foreskin has also been depicted in art from different historical eras.