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Alerta Amarilla

Definition of Alerta Amarilla

It refers to a moderate risk warning, that is, it is not at maximum risk, but requires attention and care. It is used in many areas of life such as health, meteorology, the environment, among others.

In some contexts, the Alerta Amarilla (yellow alert) works as a prevention forecast. In other words, it is indicated before a possible disaster of moderate danger.


It is not clear from when the phrase “Alerta Amarilla” is used to denote a moderate risk for the population. However, it is used throughout the planet in order to alert. From this perspective, people must be very careful and attentive to becoming.

The application of this phrase is multiple, as it is used for health in environments where the population can be affected by a virus or other disease. also, in meteorology as a forecast of bad weather, in geology to warn of volcanic activity, among others.


In meteorology, the Alerta Amarilla indicates that the rains can cause river overflows or that, depending on the context, snow can fall in medium proportions.