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Definition of Pichaera

In the slang of the urban genre it refers to when you try to talk to someone and the other person ignores you, avoids you and doesn’t even pay attention to you or changes the subject.


  1. Avoid
  2. Hiding
  3. Ignore

ORIGIN OF Pichaera

The word pichaera is presumed to be of Puerto Rican origin and is often used in the urban music genre, mainly in reggaeton.

When one of these artists says “picheo” he is referring to ignoring all the girls who want to court him, as “pichear” is the term used to evade someone or something, although there are cases that literally means not acknowledging their existence completely.

“Por ti les picheo, las tengo en hold”. This is how Bad Bunny sings it in his song “A tu merced” to express that for the girl he ignores them and has them there, held, waiting.

However, many repeat the word without knowing exactly what it means or relating it to anything else.
In his most recent hit ‘Yo perreo sola’, the singer uses it again: “Antes tú me picheabas (you picheabas me) / Ahora yo picheo / Antes tú no querías (no querías) Ahora yo no quiero…No, tranqui”, says the lyric.


The first to use the word ‘pichear’ was the Chilean singer Paloma Mami, which she included in the song “No te enamores”, her second single.

Lorena Astorga, Mami’s manager, expressed in 2019 that the song had been created by the famous producers and founders of the label Hear This Music who are responsible for several hits of great exponents of the genre such as Natti Natasha, Maluma and Bad Bunny himself.

However, the word “pichear” was included by Mami. “She likes to include those terms, because it is logically visualized not only within Chile,” Astorga pointed out.