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Definition of PFP

On the TikTok platform content creators have added a hashtag followed by PFP to videos and images that look or look good for profile pictures.


  1. Good videos and images for profile pictures


Usually hashtags in all social networks are used by search engines to group and locate similar topics. So when the user explores a certain hashtag or taps on one, he/she will get a varied repertoire of content that is related.

PFP has more than 208 million videos, however it is also used in clips that make jokes out of some of the slightly outlandish profile pictures that can be randomly found on TikTok.

These videos with the PFP hashtag usually have various images that can be captured and then uploaded as their own profile picture.
The profile picture is the only static aspect of any profile, which is why it is so important to have a good one.


Different devices have different ways to take screenshots and the most common way to do it is to hold and press the power button and turn up the volume.

Once practiced you should watch the #PFP video to take a screenshot on your phone at the right time. You can then go to your profile and upload your new PFP, accessing the screenshot images from the gallery of the device you own.