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Definition of BMS

This abbreviation comes from English and basically translates as “Broke My Scale” and has become very popular on the social network TikTok.



Broke My Scale


Exceeded my expectations

I am surprised


Contrary to what you might think this abbreviation does not refer to a person’s weight but directly alludes to the ‘scale’ or the process of ranking attractiveness that many assume and attribute to others.

In fact on the social web it is the highest compliment that can be bestowed on someone, users write ‘BMS’ on social media posts for people they find attractive, handsome or sexy, and to make indication that the person is forever done with their “scale” of attractiveness due to their incredible handsomeness.

So if a person comments ‘BMS’ on another person’s selfie, it means that they find the other person very beautiful. It should be noted that a study reveals that men are much more confident or trusting of people they find attractive, much more than women because they are not so attracted to people’s image.


BMS does not always have such a positive meaning, in fact in New Jersey they started using the expression as an abbreviation of Blowing my Shit or Blow my Shit and that means when something or someone is ruining something and damaging the occasion. It would be a synonym of the Mexican expression “la regaste”.