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Definition of Pariguayo

Pariguayo refers to a person who makes a fool of himself because he is not up to a certain circumstance.

In the Dominican Republic this term is used to designate a foolish or stupid individual.


  1. Fearful
  2. Slow
  3. Brute
  4. Dumb
  5. Stupid

ORIGIN OF Pariguayo

The word pariguayo is widely used in the Dominican Republic to refer disparagingly to someone who is out of fashion, or who is not very smart and often misses opportunities, or who is just plain common.
It is like a local version of “estúpido” or the famous and universal “pendejo”.

Because of its widespread and common usage, pariguayo is not considered a vulgar word and can be used without any qualms in any colloquial conversation without offending anyone. Except, of course, if the person to whom the term is applied is bothered by it.

Pariguayo in the Dominican Republic has been preponderant in the slang and of daily use. It comes from the American phrase “party watcher”.

The American expression refers to a person or persons who are at a party and only watch but do not dance, do not have fun.

By the deformations of the language, it became the term that has these meanings of fearful, slow or pendejo.


The term pariguayo is also used to refer to men who do not have the capacity to get a woman.

The Dominican urban artist by the name of Vakeró released in 2017 the song “Pariguayo” and from there the term took relevance again.