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Definition of OGT

The meaning of the acronym OGT refers to various expressions depending on the context, but as a general form this is an abbreviation of “ojete” which means tail, or hollow of the anus.

In clearer terms, it is the terminal end of the digestive tract which is composed of a voluntary sphincter that is covered by a mucous membrane, finally forming an opening through which feces are expelled.

It is also known in Spain as “ojete” to the small, round eyelet, which, reinforced with metal or stitching, a string or other type of fastening is passed through.


  1. Butt
  2. Anus
  3. Eyelet


Obviously the meaning of OGT is not the exclusive equivalent of many organizations both political and otherwise. Here we are talking about the acronym of a vulgar expression, the acronym of “ojete” or culo or ano: OGT.

This acronym has gone viral in social networks.

However, in Mexico it is attributed to a person who acts with bad intentions or with the intention of harming and damaging someone.

However, this rule is not always the case and sometimes it is possible to use several letters of the words to be abbreviated so that they “sound” like a word (or acronym) or even use numerical parameters to catalog similar elements.


  • Acronyms can also function to abbreviate the name of a specific element or institution in order to save letters and space in writing this, for example, the OGT as Organismos genéticamente transformados or Organización de ganaderos y trabajadores.
  • Recently a tweet of the famous singer Gloria Trevi went viral for answering OGT to another person.