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Definition of OG

OG, is the reference to Original Gangster, in hip-hop terminology in Spanish it would be “old school gangster”.


  1. Old school gangster, an original gangster.
  2. Gangster
  3. Outlaw


The expression OG stands for “Old School Gangster” and is used as a synonym of respect for an individual who engages in criminal activity.

A number of artists in the HipHop genre who have a long history are referred to as OG’s by newer artists, even though many have no criminal history.

The origin is Gangsta, an English word that comes from vulgarizing the term “Gangster”, derived in turn from “gang” whose translation can be gang or gang.

In short, it refers to individuals of bad living or erratic behavior, outside the legal order, mainly in contexts and environments with conditions of poverty, where crime and drugs abound.

So an original gangster or OG, refers to a member of a street gang who is respected for being the founder of longer duration of the gang, to become an important member.


OG Kush is as it is commonly known the sativa that produces euphoric effects and fights stress and anxiety. It has an earthy pine aroma and an unmistakable aroma that has become the signature of the herb.

The dictionary definition of gangsta rap states that it is a style of rap music, which is generally characterized by lyrics about black street gangs in the United States.

OG is a term used in the popular game Fortnite, referring to someone who has been around for a long time.