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Definition of Mufa

The word mufa refers to three meanings that are differentiated thanks to the semantics of the sentences where each term is used.

In the first place, mufa is a type of mold, humidity and dirt that can be found on a wall or architectural work; in the second place, mufa is bad luck, misfortune that follows people or animals and, finally, mufa refers to the specific character or mood that a certain person has, in this case, it is a bad mood or a difficult character for some reason.


  1. Bad temper
  2. Mold
  3. Dirty
  4. Moisture
  5. Bad luck
  6. Bad wishes
  7. Misfortune


The word mufa comes from the Italian word muffa which means moldy or dirty, which, in turn, is said to come from the Germanic word muff which refers to the verb to mock, make fun of or have an unpleasant gesture with someone. Hence this term in Spanish, mufa is then used to refer to bad luck.

In general, it is a popular slang word of superstitious nature and in South American countries it is used more frequently.

Other experts differ and say that the word mufa comes from the word mucereel which means to spoil, mold, mucus, because each meaning is negative or refers to unhappy or unpleasant things, mufa acquires its meaning of bad luck.


Mufa is also the name of a metallic tube, it is a device that is the entry point of the electrical line to the house or facility. It has a curved shape and prevents water from entering the facilities, house or property.