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Definition of Mishara

It is an uncommon surname in the world, and moderately common in India. Like every name and surname, it has its meaning created under a specific concept. The general basis of Mishara is to possess characteristics such as being a purely emotional person, with the virtue of sharing love to those close to him.


As it is a surname, it does not have synonyms, but surnames similar to this one, such as: Mishari, Misharv, Mishawn.


Surnames have become a tool for differentiation and classification of groups of people. In ancient times it was used to differentiate from their daily occupations, place of origin, kinship and other characteristics.

The Mishara surname has its main incidence in India, although it also has Bengali, Oriya, and Marathi branches. This means that the surname is mostly Asian. To be more specific 56% of the population whose surname is Mishara comes from Bihar, this is a state of the Republic of India.


Misharas earn slightly more than the average income. In the United States they earn 10% more than the national average, generating about 47,000 USD per year.

The first Mishara surname registered in the United States was in 1920, belonging to a family residing in Massachusetts.