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Definition of Melao

The word Melao refers to a person with a sweet character.

In Colombia, it is a typical sweet that combines the best of two worlds: the Spaniards introduced the curdled milk while the native population introduced the so-called “melao”; a syrup based on panela, water and maintains a diversity of use in the gastronomy of that country.

This sweet is a perfect complement to the curdled milk.

Melao, is an abbreviation of the word “Melado”, a popular way of saying it, since in practice almost nobody pronounces the “D”.


  1. Sweet
  2. Sweetheart
  3. Person of sweet character
  4. Honey
  5. Sugar cane
  6. Colombian sweet


This word is of uncertain origin, what is known is that it is the same word “melado”, but without the “d”. It is a word that has been used to refer to the melon fruit that is believed to come from the Middle East.

However, it is also used today to denote the sweetness of some beverages or some natural substances such as those obtained from sugar cane.

It always refers to sweetness.

In Portugal it has its own meaning because it translates as melon (Cucumismelo L.) is a fruit probably originating from the Middle East.

There are numerous varieties cultivated in semi-arid regions around the world, all with more or less spherical fruits, thick skin and fleshy and juicy pulp, with many flattened seeds in the center. The color and texture of the skin, as well as the color and flavor of its pulp, vary according to the form of cultivation.


In 2023, Colombians Shakira and Karol G released the song “TQG” dedicated to their ex-partners and expressed in a verse: “What are you doing looking for melao? If you know that I don’t repeat mistakes”.