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Definition of Macuarro

Macuarro refers to the workers in a construction site and also to any of the assistants of the master of a trade, such as bricklayers. It also refers to antisocial people.

An offensive adjective referring to someone ignorant, clumsy.


  1. Albañil
  2. Naco
  3. Antisocial
  4. Media cuchara
  5. Chalán
  6. Matacuaz

ORIGIN OF Macuarro

It comes from the Latin maccus meaning foolish or stupid. It also has the derogatory suffix arro which is used in words like cacharro, guarro or guijarro.
The root of the word is exactly the same as in terms such as macuache (which refers to an Indian or illiterate person without education) and the expression maco (bad).
It began to be used in poor neighborhoods and sectors of different important cities in Mexico, but its specific place of origin is unknown.


Currently the word Macuarro is widely used for the creation of memes and publication in different social networks, which has aroused divergent opinions about the existing classism among the youngest members of society.

Due to the continuous use of this idiom in social networks, the term has gone viral and is already used in different countries.

In many areas of Mexico it is a derogatory term used against people with Negroid and Andean features. It is also related to “rancheros”.

The most famous Mexican movie about a Macuarro was starred by Vicente Fernandez in 1975. Its name: El Albañil.

People who are illegally involved in the packaging of drugs in the state of Michoacán are called Macuarros.