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Los 7 quiebres del gato envenenado

Definition of Los 7 quiebres del gato envenenado

It is a song produced and sung by Mj King that went viral on the social network TikTok and YouTube that narrates the erotic hip movement that only Honduran women are capable of doing. It is a dance with a clear allusion to sex

It’s English Translation is The 7 Breaks of the Poisoned Cat

SYNONYMS FOR Los 7 quiebres del gato envenenado

  1. Punta catracha
  2. Los 7 quiebres
  3. Punta Los 7 quiebres
  4. Baile erótico

ORIGIN OF Los 7 quiebres del gato envenenado

It has its origin in Honduras in the year 2021, it is a song of the punta dance style, which is a form of Afro-indigenous dance.
The punta rhythm is part of the Honduran cultural tradition, it was spread through the Garífuna community in the north of the country, precisely an ethnic group descended from African, aboriginal and Arawak people from the Caribbean.
It is called punta because it is danced with the tip of the toes, accompanied by hip movements called quiebres.

CURIOSITIES OF Los 7 quiebres del gato envenenado

The name of the song refers to the 7 different hip movements or quiebres that the female performs at the moment of the sexual act, emulated in the dance.

In the parties of adolescents and adults in Honduras it is very popular the competition between women to be the one who best represents each one of the supposed breaks of the poisoned cat.

In social networks are common videos and comments that indicate that the Honduran woman’s breaks are so erotic that few men manage to survive the first one, much less reach the seventh.

The rhythm with which Los 7 quiebres del gato envenenado is danced is very similar to other dance styles present in all Caribbean countries, precisely because of its Afro-indigenous origin.