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Lottery Sambad

Definition of Lottery Sambad

The Lottery Sambad is an Indian lottery game that consists of three daily draws, which means that it has a lot of possibilities to win tempting prizes. In addition, the cost of the ticket is very cheap making it accessible to anyone.

SYNONYMS FOR Lottery Sambad

  1. Indian lottery game.

ORIGIN OF Lottery Sambad

In India, lottery games have a long history, and although they have existed for more than 50 years, the regulations related to this type of games have undergone several changes on many occasions.

There are multiple options nowadays to play the government lottery in India and of course the good news is the wide diversity of alternatives that exist including one of the most important ones, the Lottery Sambad.

It is important to know that the Lottery Sambad has the reputation of being the biggest lottery in the country since it allows winning excellent prizes ranging from $ 34.2K to $ 42.4K.

The number of draws is summarized in 21 in total, and the type of lottery is printed on paper. However there are online tickets and the price paid for each ticket is 6 rupees, which is very cheap compared to other lotteries.

It also has a live broadcast and its results are published online.


Regarding the legality of the lottery, including Lottery Sambad, the Supreme Court of India decided that each state has the right to determine whether a lottery is legal or not, in its own territory.

So far there are currently 13 Indian states, out of 29 in total, where lotteries are legal.