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Definition of Limerencia

The word limerence, limerencia in Spanish, refers to the obsession with being loved in the same obsessive way, as an involuntary state of mind.


  1. Infatuation
  2. Crush

ORIGIN OF Limerencia

That obsession with being loved is considered a disorder because not only does it contain a certain psychopathological aspect, but the person moves from infatuation to obsession.

Certainly limerence is often associated with a synonym for being in love with another person, but with the discrepancy that as opposed to the typical crush, it can last for months, years or even a lifetime.

Therefore it was named as a disorder by the American psychologist Dorothy Tennov, after studying it and publishing her book “Love and Limerence: The Experience of Being in Love”.

Psychologists describe it as an obsessive-compulsive disorder focused on love, since the person suffering from limerence often has obsessive thoughts about the one he/she loves.

It is an obsession that usually causes discomfort in the daily life of the sufferer.

In addition to the fact that the person suffering from limerence does not usually recognize it, he or she may even have tremors, sweating and stuttering typical of falling in love, therefore this affects all areas of his or her life.

And if we add that people with limerence tend to reduce their social life and become isolated from their environment, this makes it even more dangerous.

The difference between being in love and limerence is great, in the latter the obsessive person does not respect the space of the other. Undoubtedly, it also generates discomfort in the person who becomes the object of the obsession.


As a curious fact, limerence can be generated towards an individual who has never met in person, not even once in life.