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Definition of Liga

Union, confederation, alliance, pact or intelligence between persons or collectivists for the support or defense of common interests.

In urban slang used by urban music artists such as trap and reggaeton, liga is used to refer to someone’s level, for example: “nadie es de tu liga” meaning that someone can’t give you competition, “that one doesn’t give you liga!

Also garter is a band of fabric usually elastic.

Another meaning refers to a sports competition in which all teams – or participants of the same category – test their skills.


  1. Tape, ribbon, tie, binding.
  2. Union, mixture
  3. Alliance, confederation
  4. Coalition


The origin of the word liga refers to everything that can be bound. It can be found in the Latin “ligare” as meaning to bind or tie. The word has the meaning of “ribbon, or cord” and is derived from the verb “to bind”. It is related to the Indo-European root “leig”, present in words such as ligament, and ligature.

In this sense, it is known as a league to the substance that allows gluing, or that element that makes something can hold or join, as it can be a glue or an elastic strip that holds socks.

In Cuba, the word liga is used to designate the union of different tobacco leaves to improve the quality of the tobacco.

In metallurgy the alloy of the same is made to optimize its hardness or its quality. The amount of different materials added to the main material is called alloy, for example: gold or silver needs a copper or palladium alloy.

Garter is also applicable to a set of physical persons for example states that make an alliance to achieve a certain purpose.


If it comes from ligar, it refers to getting the possibility of having sexual relations, or the action of falling in love with a girl.

In Puerto Rico, the word is also used to refer to looking, usually secretly, at a naked woman.