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Definition of Josear

Josear means to earn a living in any way, at anything. To work hard, struggle and struggle. A person who josea is a true joseador.


  1. To make a living
  2. To hustle
  3. To work or struggle


The word Josear has been coined in the Caribbean slang for more than a decade and in recent times has had its boom in the urban genre known as trap, where it is used to refer to places where drugs are sold.

Josear was slipping through the conversations of trap and drugs… street life… thus becoming part of today’s urban slang.

Trappers tend to eat certain syllables when rapping (such as “to’ loco”), they use the “X” instead of making the distinction between feminine and masculine.

They always generate their own lexicon, mixing words of Anglo-Saxon origin and Spanishing them. This is the origin of “Spanglish”, as for example when they say “gangsta” instead of “gangster”.

They create words that are only understood by those who are in that environment, and have no interest in being understood by anyone outside the genre’s movement.

Trap singers are rebels even with their rap brothers: they do not have as much discipline with rhymes as the first rappers, and they are like punks of the genre.


Josear is a kind of deformation of the Anglo-Saxon term “Hustler”, which means “to seek life”.

More than a decade ago in the United States, Latinos began to use the term “Josear” meaning “To look for it”.

The Dominican Xantos used to say that he wrote “rhyming vents”, but the reality was that he started rapping, and released a song titled: Josea, in which he raps in the famous Spanglish slang.