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Definition of KYT

KYT is used by the new generations of young people in social networks, especially in TikTok. It expresses in short “Shut up”, i.e. keep silent as a commanding voice.

In professional mode, also KYT refers to a method of risk prediction and accident prevention meaning one of the most important Japanese methods in the world.


Don’t speak

Say no more

Keep silent





Risk Certification


The expression KYT is an abbreviation of “Shut up”, its origin is due to a deformation of the original word and responds to the need of young people to shorten the length of sentences to write faster, occupy fewer characters and generate greater visual impact, all this in the context of social networks.

Likewise, KYT or Kiken Yoshi Training in Japanese, refers to the procedure that makes it possible to deepen, by gathering the sensitivity for the recognition of exposure to danger as such, and to distribute all the information about these risks.

Thus, it is possible to consolidate the ability to solve these problems through the process of solving them in such a meeting.

Most of the methods of this practical and simple method are based on the fact that during the planning of a non-common activity, it is possible to discover any condition that compromises the safety of certain facilities and the people who cooperate and contribute in those facilities.

This method is intended for personnel involved in the scheduling and execution of engineering projects, whether maintenance or construction, as well as for health, safety and environmental managers in any of their organizations.


Just as KYT is used, there is also KYC, which stands for “Shut Up”.
The meaning of KYT abbreviation refers to the abbreviation of the IATA code which is part of the airport category in Japan.