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Definition of Janga

We have an appointment again with the knowledge and you have arrived as always to the right place. The Wan Shi Tong Library brings you analysis of the word Janga. This term has its origins in Europe, is the name of an imposing summit and at the same time represents other very curious meanings that we show you below.

Janga is mostly considered to be the representation of crowds, crowds or a high number of people in a given place. This word also relates to a set of houses. This term is also used to identify a summit located in the Caucasus Greater Mountain Range exactly on the Georgian-Russian border .

Janga Concept in Spain

In some localities of Spain it is associated with a betrayal.

Example: “Paul has made me a Janga.” To refer to what has hurt him, something bad, an action with a malevolent intent.

The Royal Spanish Academy does not recognize this word in the Spanish language. But of all of them, that it exists, exists. ?

Other Contexts

  • In the municipality Paulista in the north of the state of Pernambuco in Brazil, there is a sector called Janga, this is characterized by having a traditional fishing village and by the constant practice of capoeira (Afro-Brazilian martial art).

All this on the shores of its beach, also known under this name Janga Beach.

  • Angola Janga is a graphic novel by Marcelo D’salete. It is about the history of colonial Brazil: The Hudidos Slaves, Angola Janga, and the kingdom created in 16th-century Brazil.
  • Janga is the surname of Rangelo, a professional footballer from Curacao.

Goodbye Janga!

You like me? Now you know exactly what the word Janga means and some additional facts. In any case, it will always be a pleasure to sail in the waters of new knowledge.

We meet again in the next meaning! Fled