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Definition of Tlilmixtli

  1. Literally, black cloud or black clouds in the Nahuatl language. It is a term of little use in other areas outside of Mexico, but it is part of the words of this ancestral culture.


Nahuatl has been spoken in Mexico for centuries, this is an Aztec macro-language that is known as the Mexican language, this language has given rise to many words that are used in Spanish such as chocolate, avocado, cuate and apapachar.

Tlilmixtli is a word originating in Nahuatl, it is made up of two words: Tlil, which is soot (the mark left by coal when you grasp it with your hands), and it can be translated as black or dark gray. On the other hand, Mixtli translates as “Cloud“, which means that by joining both words the expression “Black Cloud” is obtained. 


  1. In Mexico there is a poem written in the mid-1970s by the philosopher and historian and linguist Miguel León Padilla (RIP) who was an expert in Nahuatl literature and culture. In the poem Miguel León Padilla makes reference to Tlilmixtli when he says “In ihcuac oyahqueh in tlilmixtli” which translates as “When the black clouds left