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Definition of Jablador

Jablador is used in Dominican Republic as a colloquial way of saying hablador (talkative), but in excess.


  1. Talkative
  2. Liar
  3. Impertinent
  4. Cheeky
  5. Exaggerated

ORIGIN OF Jablador

Language is always in constant change and has room for some variant of new words, idioms and colloquialisms, and it is for this reason that you have probably wondered at some point what it means to say that someone is “Jablador”.

This adjective, coming from the word “hablador”, in Dominican slang, is very common to designate an exaggerator, a liar or a liar.

Dominicans use the word with a rather noticeable emphasis on the first “a.”
That is, it must have a particular sound, something typical of colloquial slang, a sound similar to: “Jaaaaablador”, which apparently comes from the peasants who on many occasions change the H for the J when speaking.

Undoubtedly, many believe that in colloquial slang this is a word that sounds much better when this noticeable emphasis is made by lengthening the first “a”.

It is always annoying and unpleasant to meet a person who talks excessively, that is to say, a “jabberer”, mainly because the conversation is only about his things, his sorrows or his joys, his experiences and experiences.

They even go as far as exaggerating or distorting the facts, to the point of outright lies and indiscretion. They become true liars and liars, real “Jabladores”.


All synonyms for “Jablador” are derogatory. The only positive meaning is loquacious. The jablador always talks nonsense, just to boast, and without saying anything that is really worth listening to.