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Definition of Irreverente

The adjective irreverent refers to a person who has no respect or respectful awe due to something.

SYNONYMS FOR Irreverente

  1. Insolent
  2. Disrespectful
  3. Inattentive
  4. Shameless
  5. Shameless
  6. Uncommunicative

ORIGIN OF Irreverente

The word irreverent comes from the Latin “irrevĕrens”; which is composed of the prefix “ir” for “in” deprivation or denial, and from the Latin “revĕrens” meaning reverent.

This is a term used to designate people who show or manifest a lack of respect, accoutrement, consideration or reverence for others or the environment, and thus denote and imply a lack of reverence.

These people possess a propensity to be rebellious and questioning of conventions and social norms. For example, an irreverent person believes it is unnecessary to have respect for politicians, state officials or anything that represents public order.

Similarly, other expressions of human thought can be described as irreverent. Some ideologies such as anarchism, for example, and certain artistic movements such as the avant-garde.

Quite often irreverent music has also become a very common trend among artists whose goal is precisely to question the traditional values of society.

In the same way an irreverent person, not only reveals himself as the opposite of the dogmas of a religion, but also shows mocking, ironic and negative critical attitudes towards these beliefs and their followers.


Irreverence is a fairly common attitude in many young people who begin to chart their own path in life and defy their parents and the authority figures around them such as teachers or professors.

It is an attitude that can turn negative when the young person uses irreverence as an excuse to leave their homework and thus justify their irresponsibility.