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Definition of Sororidad

This neologism “Sorority” usually refers to the sisterhood between a covenant between women or a support between women, a group of sisters an all-female sorority.


  1. Solidarity
  2. Sisterhood among women
  3. Complicity between women
  4. Alliance between women

ORIGIN OF Sororidad

Sorority is a concept derived from the Renaissance Latin “sororitas” and this from the Latin “soros” meaning “sister” and this from the Proto-Indo-European *swésōr.

The Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy added this term in its pages in 2018 with the following definition: “grouping that is formed by the friendship and interaction between women who share the same ideal and work to achieve the same goal”.

So this neologism is used to refer to the solidarity that exists between women who share the same ideal. Already In 2016 the word “sorority” was beginning to be used in Spain. But nowadays and frequently it comes up in the news reflecting famed campaigns such as the “MeToo” movement.
But it is necessary to investigate a little about the origin of this term.

Feminist author Kate Millet used the English word “sisterhood” in the 1970s, a neologism that points to solidarity among women against sexual discrimination. It was also used by author Marcela Lagarde, acknowledging that she had read it in French as ‘sororité’ and in English as ‘sisterhood'”.

The signifier “sorority” as a mutual aid, does not refer only to mutual support among women, but has also been acquiring a more powerful and even dangerous meaning, as it has given way to form a political movement of international feminist solidarity that replaces the meaning of the international women’s alliance.


Marcela Lagarde thinks that sorority is a sort of political pact between feminist women that serves as a weapon for the elimination of gender inequalities reflected in UN reports.