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Definition of Impeached

The word impeached is one that has been part of the history of the United States and has been strongly linked to political scandals in the past. In we will show you what is the meaning of impeached, its origin and other interesting data.

Impeached, is an English language term that refers to a person who has been taken to a special political trial to be dismissed.

What characterizes an “impeached” is that this person is the president of a nation, especially president of the United States.

Simply put, “impeached” means “impeachment process for a president,” this president is prosecuted by a special trial class called “impeachment.”

Origin of the word Impeached

The origin of this word comes from the term “Impeachment”, a kind of political trial used to judge the president of the United States.

This kind of trial is carried out when there is strong evidence of corruption, abuse of power and other offenses against the president on duty.

The Impeachment requires the vote of both the lower and upper houses of the US parliament.

In the event that this trial is approved by the congressmen, a political trial will be initiated against the president of the nation.

In case of being found guilty, thanks to the power of the congress the president can be dismissed and forced to fulfill the sentence of the court.

Historical Examples:

  1. The President Richard Nixon Was Impeached and he resigned
  2. Bill Clinton was impeached in 1999 and he was acquitted

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