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Definition of IB

The meaning of the letters IB is plain and simple “inspired by” in social networking, especially on Tiktok.

It can also mean “I’m back”.


  1. Inspired by
  2. I’m back


In social networks, especially in TikTok, many of the so-called content creators have had a boom, at the same time that the continuous development of the Internet has transformed its users into groups, with an increase of their own and unique jargon for each of the different networks and groups, thus helping in the communication that exists between them.

What is perhaps the most undoubted demonstration of this is in the many times that we come across certain expressions that are born in some of these platforms and undoubtedly TikTok, which is the social network of more use and preference by more young people.

It is also a vital point for the multiplicity of abbreviations typical expressions of cyber slang that only have a meaning within certain networks.

Thus within TikTok, you may well have seen a video on this social network with the acronym IB which is used in various ways given the context, but it is a way of giving credit to another creator ie the acronym for “Inspired by” or in Spanish “inspirado por”.

But it can also mean something else different, in fact IB is “I’m back” from the English “I’m back”, which happens to be a more common definition for IB on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


IB is a horror game created by Kouri, published in February 2012, so we can see that context is critical in the use of these abbreviations and jargons.