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Horas iguais

Definition of Horas iguais

In its English translation horas iguais refers to equal hours and is when on a clock, the hours and minutes appear with the same numbers, for example as 12:12 and so on.

SYNONYMS FOR Horas iguais

  1. Equal hours.

ORIGIN OF Horas iguais

According to popular culture, when someone looks at the clock and sees that the time is the same, it is a sign or indication that something is about to happen.

For example, it is believed that 11:11 is the magic hour, when the angels can hear you and your requests and they can come true.

However, this hour is not the only one that is considered magical, the reality is that we have 24 opportunities a day to communicate with our angels.

More than an opportunity to make a wish, the reality is that the same hours have a message for us, and the universe and the angels want to let you know something or reassure you about what you have been worrying about.


Here are some of the meanings of the same hours, according to Numerology:

11:11 – You have your feet on the ground and the people close to you consider you a safe haven.

13:13 – Your greatest wish will be fulfilled sooner than you can imagine.

20:20 – Don’t lie to yourself.

21:21 – It indicates that you are a person everyone can count on.

22:22 – Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and recognize that you are capable of great things.

23:23 – Beware if someone wants to impose something on you.