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Gata herramienta

Definition of Gata herramienta

The word gata in the urban sense refers to the female gender, objecting in the group that conforms it adjectives such as sensual, beautiful and provocative when dancing, especially reggaeton.

Now, the expression gata herramienta, understanding as a tool an object that is used for certain purposes, acquires the meaning of a sensual and provocative woman who collaborates in the sexual relationship and is a bridge with other women to get their partner.

SYNONYMS FOR Gata herramienta




Provocative dancer.

Sexy dance.

Woman who dances sexy.

Provocative woman who collaborates.

Woman who likes to find a partner.

ORIGIN OF Gata herramienta

The expression tool cat, comes from the object named hydraulic jack. It is a tool used to lift cars and do different mechanical works on them.

The expression in the urban sense denotes a provocative woman who lifts men, it suggests to be a tool because in the sexual part she is the one who does most of the work.

It is a sensual female, with a well-defined dance as far as reggaeton is concerned, has the quality of being able to wrap with her movements to any type of man and is the one who directs and dominates the relationship.

CURIOSITIES OF Gata herramienta

In the urban sense, this expression is repeated many times denoting the beauty of women and their sensual adjectives such as that they shine on the dance floor, that they like the rhythm and love passion.