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Definition of Gaoba

Gaoba is a polysemic word originating in China . The word is made up of two characters and literally means high dam, it is also a technical word for water conservation engineering.

A Gaoba, or high dam, is a body of water generated artificially for industrial purposes . Normally, it is made from stone, concrete or other materials; blocking the passage of a river or stream.

  • China designates that a high dam is one that is more than 70 meters high or deep.

Gaoba population

There is a town called Gaoba located in northwest China. This place belongs to Shaanxi province.

Shaanxi was named in 2019 with the honorary position of “Historical and Cultural City” of the province to which it belongs.

The so-called Gaoba, is in the upper part of the Yinhua River, which is why the name may have been attributed to it. It is also an important step to reach different cities and towns. In addition, it is the obligatory step to reach places such as the “Tianzhu Mountain Forest Park” which makes Gaoba a very convenient access for China.

Companies with the name Gaoba

The acronym Gaoba is used to name the “Gaoba Industrial Park in Western Chemical City.” This is an industrial park that is located in Luzhou province, China.

In Guatemala, Gaoba is a brand of backpacks or suitcases that is offered mainly online .

In other countries the term Gooba is used, although the meaning assigned to it is not known; for example, in Mexico there is a small production company called “Gaoba producciones”