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Definition of Fulete

The word Fulete comes from “Full Auto” or fully automatic and in urban music artists use it to refer to automatic weapons. Fuletear means “bring out the guns”, and therefore fuleteros are the ones who would load such guns.


  1. Fully loaded automatic weapon.


Since this music is street music and many of the artists have come from the streets, it is evident that their lyrics are full of a lot of street lexicon, even many of them have who not grown up and have not come from that environment still use these terms and make use of the lexicon since the identity of the genre they represent is based on it.

A slang applied in the Latin neighborhoods and streets is what characterizes the genre and what gives it the value to many who have it as their favorite music, and therefore identify with its lyrics, feeling each song as a portrait of what they themselves have lived in their street experiences.

Within these genres -rap, reggaeton and now trap- this lexicon is repetitive, making many of these terms quite common, basically as a code that only those familiar with Latin American slum experiences and those who are familiar with certain street experiences can understand.

Despite how big the continent is and how the words change according to the latitude, this Latin giant that monopolized the industry has united diverse words and taken them to all corners of the planet.


In the song Bichota by singer Karol G, she says: “fuleteá’ con to’a mi’ shortie” which would mean something like she is loaded with all her girls.

Fulete is also a song by artist Anuel AA and comes from “full auto”, for loaded automatic weapons and for that reason the ‘fuletaso’ means a kill shot.