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Definition of Mialgia

A medical symptom or complaint commonly referred to as muscle pain. It is one of the most common health conditions and responds to several different diagnoses.

Muscle involvement caused by excessive physical exercise. It can usually be treated with hydrotherapy and rest, however it can lead to more severe problems.


Myalgia is a compound term, its roots come from the Greek; mine is muscle and algias is pain. So, myalgia is a symptom that is characterized by muscle pain. Myodinia is a synonym for myalgia, in this only its suffix dinia varies, which means, like algia, pain.

This pain apart from being characteristic of muscles, can manifest itself in other anatomical areas related to the muscles, such as tendons, ligaments and fasciae.

The causes of myalgia can be very varied, from being a symptom that reflects a disease that is developing to injury due to a wrong move or the application of brute force in the wrong way.


There are factors such as stress that can cause muscle pain, also adopting incorrect positions when sitting.

Myalgias are usually treated with pain relievers, drugs such as diclofenac, ibuprofen, among other easily accessible pain relievers, are often used.