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Definition of Cordonavirus

Cordonavirus is the first recorded error in the history of Google doodles. The most used search engine in the world ( Google) uses doodles, these are creative designs of the letters of the search engine name in commemorative dates, historical or regional or world events.

So, how does this work?… When you enter the main page of the search engine, it appears the google letters decorated and sometimes even with movements (doodle).

When you click on it, it takes you to a page where you will find the linked information.

As every April 7 is celebrated the world health day and in view of the fact that in the first 3 months of 2020 the world was affected by a pandemic caused by the coronavirus, Google wanted to congratulate the work of the health personnel.

Google wanted to commemorate the appreciable work of all health personnel worldwide, dedicating a doodle to them.

This doodle involved redirecting users to pertinent information related to the current global coronavirus situation.

And what happened was that when pressing the doodle, thousands of users were redirected to a page where the word cordonavirus appeared instead of coronavirus.

Although this grammatical error did not last long, several users noticed the error.  

And this is why cordonavirus is registered as the first Google error since 1998, which is the time when doodles start to be used.