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Definition of Faena

Faena is a word that refers to any action or practice related to an activity or effort that a person must do, for example, keeping a house organized.


  1. Work
  2. Chore
  3. Occupation
  4. Labor
  5. Task


The word faena originally comes from Latin “facienda” and Catalan “faena”, which mean “task or action with a specific purpose” and “using physical force as a means to achieve it”.

However, nowadays it is used to refer to any kind of action that involves physical effort, in informal settings, such as cleaning and keeping a place clean and tidy. It also refers to work in the field, including farm animals or formally through labor contracts.

Thus, a faena is those activities, jobs, and tasks that a worker performs related to the context in which they find themselves. There are agricultural tasks, for example, that are necessary in the fields and agriculture to maintain the production of different crops in order and balance.

There is the construction task that refers to those actions needed to build buildings, walls, houses, and sidewalks.

And there is the labor task that refers to all actions that require some kind of physical effort and, in turn, have the support of a labor contract or the worker is protected under the supervision, rules, duties, and rights provided by a certain company or institutional organization.


The term “faenado” of animals consists of preparing animals destined for meat consumption.

For this purpose, there is the profession of a matador or faenador who specializes in each animal, how they should be organized, how their execution should be carried out, what age they should be slaughtered, among other details.