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Definition of Eunuco

Eunuch, which translate to the Spanish word “eunuco”, is the term that refers to the man who does not have his genital organs, this procedure is done partially or completely and is or was practiced since many centuries before.

In other words, it refers to the castrated man who in oriental customs was in charge of taking care of the harem women or women of position, wives of the king, because of this work, to ensure that the offspring is the husband’s only, they castrated them and gave them the name of eunuchs.
Synonyms for the word eunuch.


  1. ● Castrated
  2. ● Unmanly
  3. ● Effeminate
  4. ● Homosexuals
  5. ● Transsexuals


The word eunuco originates from the Latin eunuchus which, in turn, this term comes from the Greek eunoukhos which refers to the person who takes care, watches over “ekhein” the bed of women “eune”. Similarly, the word eunuch was also used in Roman culture to refer to unmanly and homosexual men.

The origin is also documented from the 5th century, where Orion of Thebes gives it as a reference to the following words “totēneunēnekhein” which meant “bed keeper”, added to that, he also considered the origin of eunuch from the phrase “toeutounouekhein” which refers to “behaving well according to the mind”, Orion explains that this is due to the deprivation that eunuchs had of sexual enjoyment.


The name of the procedure used to eradicate the external genitalia of men is emasculation, which means the partial or complete removal of the male intimate organs.

Another curious fact is that most of the slaves were castrated to avoid inconveniences in the houses, likewise, all the men who were in the service of the royalty were also castrated.