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Definition of Ensueño

This is a term used to define an event, project, aspiration or thing that is longed for or pursued even though it is very unlikely to be realized and is thought of with pleasure. It is also used to denote the series or succession of images and events that are imagined while sleeping and that are perceived as real.


  1. Dream
  2. Aspiration
  3. Expectation
  4. Project that is yearned for


According to the DRAE the terms reverie and insomnia come from the Latin insomnium which means dream or reverie and is used by Tacitus, Virgil, Pliny, Arnobius, Macrobius and others. It is also used for what we know as insomnia which is sleep deprivation.

It should be noted that the term ensueño describes the process of dreaming. It comes from the French rêve which means sleep, dreaming or dreaming, which is the introductory process to sleep.
That is why dreams are described as a series of images and events that are imagined during sleep and perceived as real.

For psychology, dreams are essentially psychic stimuli that represent manifestations of psychic forces that during wakefulness have been repressed or prevented from unfolding freely.
Also dreaming means an involuntary mental process in which information stored in the memory is relived, which are usually experiences lived by the dreamer the day before.


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