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Los anillos en los dedos

Definition of Los anillos en los dedos

Los anillos en los dedos, which translate to “the rings on the fingers”, mean many things. First, it has to do with which hand the ring is placed on because between the right and the left there is a gap. The left hand, generally, represents the negative, the unwanted, the strongest aspects, while the right hand represents all the good, fortune and happiness.

The ring on the thumb refers to the family; on the index finger, friendship is reflected; on the middle finger it represents emotional and mental balance; on the ring finger, the ring represents love, commitment and on the little finger the rings refer to the children.

SYNONYMS FOR Los anillos en los dedos

  1. ● Finger rings
  2. ● Finger jewelry

ORIGIN OF Los anillos en los dedos

Rings, since ancient times, have represented an alliance, a commitment, power. Thanks to its circular shape that has no end, the Romans used it to demarcate authority, with the ring they sealed acts of great importance.

Now, women in North America used the ring as a sign of commitment so that those who saw her with this accessory, knew that she was no longer available to marry another man other than the one who offered and gave the jewel.

CURIOSITIES OF Los anillos en los dedos

Did you know that today there are rings that are used in the central part of each finger, they are called midi and also have a meaning for each finger.

In addition, it is said that the first thing people see of you are your hands, so wearing rings denotes firmness, authority, friendship. Wearing rings will allow you to convey a good image of you to those around you.